What to say to your daughter on her 16th birthday. Letter To My Daughter On Her 16th Birthday – Laura Fahrenthold – Author

What to say to your daughter on her 16th birthday. Birthday Wishes, Texts, and Quotes a Daughter From Mom

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Letter to my Sweet Sixteen - Egon Zehnder - Leaders & Daughters

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I could start by telling you how I am proud of the amazing young woman you are becoming. I could go all the way back to lessons your grandmother taught me simply by virtue of the amazing, loving woman she is. She taught me many important lessons, of the kind that shapes you for a lifetime and empowers you to follow your own unique path. She didn't say much; she didn't need to. Her actions said it all. There was never a day I felt unloved, or feared that I could ever lose her love. I knew that whatever missteps I made in this life, she would always be there beside me, supporting me, loving me.