So hard to find. Construire sa maison sur un radier ou sur un vide sanitaire ? - Construire facile

So hard to find. Construire sa maison sur un radier ou sur un vide sanitaire ?

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Good Help (Is So Hard To Find) - Death Cab For Cutie - VAGALUME

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You'll never have to hear the word "no" If you keep all your friends on the payroll The non-disclosure pages signed Your secret's safe between those lines The scaffolding will cheer and console you But remember what your mother told you That good help is so hard to find For people that are so refined. You said you wanna stake out your claim High above the city from where you came Don't you know the air's so thin? You're trying to turn into the skid In this never-ending grid But you should know it's not ideal All those hands upon the wheel. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Envie pra gente. Enviada por Ana , Traduzida por Silent. Recomendar Twitter.