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When she was a student at New York's Juilliard School for the Performing Arts, the young Linda Kozlowski never could have imagined that the zenith of her artistic pursuits would be as straight man to a slapstick Aussie ham. Though she started highbrow in a made-for-TV Death of a Salesman , Linda quickly took the low road to high dollars, hitting the jackpot as leggy, cheek-flashing reporter Sue Charlton in Crocodile Dundee Dundee is worth seeing again for a thong effect achieved by Linda's leotard creeping up her butt crack when the Juilliard grad squats and pulls down her pants. Her full moon reappeared in Zorn , a Swedish TV treat, and her small, serviceable breasts were serviced in Backstreet Justice Backstreet Justice - as Keri Finnegan.